5 a Day - Restart

>> Tuesday, 17 February 2009

OK, so I haven't been very good at updating this, but I've decided to start again. All points will be erased and started over, so send the answers to:


QUESTIONS 17-02-09

1) Name the people who Harriet Jones contacted using the Subwave Network.

2) Complete the quote: "For one shining moment, she was the most ____ woman in the Universe."

3) Unscramble: OAINNTJOES

4) Name a previous title for the episode 'Forest of the Dead.'

5) What is the number with which you can contact the Doctor?


Questions - 9th Feb

>> Monday, 9 February 2009

You have until 10th February to answer these! Send your answers to the usual email:



1) Complete the quote: "They survive, they always survive while I ____ everything." (Bonus point for episode and character)


3) Explain as well as you can what the phrase BAD WOLF means and how it happened. (2 points available)

4) Complete the name of a song from the Series 4 Soundtrack: A _____ End.

5) During what year did the Doctor and Martha first encounter the Daleks?


Doctor Who Roleplay

>> Friday, 6 February 2009

I've always been interested in this, so now it's finally come to The-OncomingStorm! Doctor Who Roleplay is your chance to act as your favourite Doctor Who characters and chat to others.

It's simple, you send an email to the usual website address bex-doctorwhofan1@hotmail.co.uk and say which character you would like to chat as. Then, if you are accepted, you will be sent an email back with the password to the chat website. After, you can talk with others as your character. Here are the general rules:

- Only apply for a characters whose characteristics you know well.
- You can apply for any character (not enemies, aliens etc) in the NEW series.
- Only one person can be a certain character (we can't have several Doctors!).
- IPs will be carefully monitored, so you can only speak as your character.
- You must NOT give away the password to anyone else. If you do, you will be banned.

If you want to follow these rules, send the email now!



Welcome to a brand new feature here at The-OncomingStorm entitled '5-a-Day.' No, it's not a campaign or anything to make you eat more fruit and veg, although the Doctor does like bananas... No, it's a brand new way in which you can win prizes!

All you have to do is answer 5 questions, which are changed each day, and build up your points (you gain a point for each correct answer). The first person who gains 100 points will win a Doctor Who book of their choice from a list. Interested? The first set of questions are below. Please enter only ONCE for this set, and send your answers to:


The leaderboard will be displayed to the right, and once someone wins 100 points, prizes will be given!


1) Name 3 of the people who were featured in the death flashback during 'Journey's End' (Series 4)

2) Complete the quote: "You're right, sometimes I do ____ someone."

3) Name 3 of the planets (besides the Earth) which were stolen during 'The Stolen Earth.'

4) How many Doctor Who episodes has Rose Tyler starred in?

5) Unscramble this: STDUVLARRANIGENLD (3 words)

The questions will be changed tomorrow, so get the emails in!