Series One

>> Sunday, 15 March 2009

1.1: The Wright Choice

1.2: Sheltered

1.3: Barcelona

1.4: A Sticky Situation

1.5: The Forgotten Planet

1.6: The Doctor's Choice

1.7: Race Against Time

1.8: Creatures of the Night

1.9: Remember Me?

1.10: Role Reversal

1.11: Home

1.12: The Master Plan

1.13: Betrayal


Tales of Time

During Series One, the Doctor meets Beth and they travel through time and space meeting all sorts of aliens and enemies. Click here to read the stories!

Sally Sparrow's back! She is now travelling with the Doctor after the events of Blink, but will things go smoothly? Coming in April.


5 A Day Re-restart!

>> Saturday, 7 March 2009

OK, I will admit I've been very rubbish at updating this lately but I'm going to from now on, so welcome to 5-a-day! You know the rules, just answer the questions and send them to:

Here are the questions for today:

1) What is the year in which Human Nature/The Family of Blood takes place?

2) What is the name of Martha's father's girlfriend?

3) Give two references to Torchwood from during Series Two.

4) Complete: "I gave them the wrong warning. I should have told them to ____"

5) Unscramble: NGGERRUNOITDADNE (4 words)


Site of the Month

Here is the very first Site of the Month!

Site Name: Whovian-World

Owner: The Powerful Boy


1) Hi, well done for winning SOTM. Firstly, what's your site name? - Whovian World

2) When did you open the site and why? Cause I saw all the other Who sites and thought that would be a fun thing to do.

3) What's the best feature of your website? Oh, I don't know... everything.

4) What can we look forward to in the future coming to the website? Maybe E-books.

5) When did you become a fan of Doctor Who? I can give you an exact date: 26 March 2005.

6) Who is your favourite Doctor? David Tennant. Of course.

7) What is your favourite website and why? So many! My 4 favourites are UDW (Ultimate Doctor Who), COT (Children of Time), DWF (Doctor Who Forum?) and TOS (The-OncomingStorm)

8) Who is your favourite companion? Oh, it's between Donna and Martha.

9) Are you looking forward to Matt Smith? Kinda, but it will be sad when David Tennant leaves.

10) What would you say to attract people to your website? There are plenty of features!

Want to be next month's SOTM? Apply on the SOTM page!



Synopsis: Olivia is a normal teenager with exams, coursework and family troubles. Unable to cope anymore, she flees from her home but suddenly returns back, with a completely different personality and look on life? Just what’s going on?

The Doctor and Martha investigate this dilemma and try to save not only Olivia’s life, but those closest to her.

Out: During April 2009

Synopsis: The Doctor and Rose arrive on modern day Earth to visit Jackie when suddenly, they realise just how strange things are getting with the police… Accidents and disasters continue happening all week, and when Jackie disappears, it’s clear something isn’t right.

Will the Doctor and Rose be able to save Jackie before the Police reveal their true identity and plans?
Out: During April 2009