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>> Friday, 16 January 2009

Owner: Becky

Age: 17

Email: bex-doctorwhofan1@hotmail.co.uk

How The-OncomingStorm began:

I started off with a Piczo site called Doctor-Who-Fan1. There were many problems with it, but deep down I was just ignoring them...

Firstly, there was the name. I really wanted it without the '1' but someone stole the name. Secondly, Piczo in general. I just felt that my website was just puny and small compared to some of the giant Who websites. There were always adverts popping up on my website and it took ages to edit because of its slowness! Also, adding news was a long and painful (well, not painful but you know what I mean) process and took lots of my time, I just wanted something simple!
Because of all of these factors, I one day decided I'M MOVING!! I asked fans of my site if they liked the idea, and because of the positive feedback I searched the net for hosts, and Blogspot seemed perfect; easy to add news, and simple to use (nice rhyme there...) So, I moved.

Obviously, I had to restart everything again which was a tough process considering that I didn't even know if it was gonna work out. I spent every day in my half term on my laptop adding pages and working hard. The layout was, ashamedly, rubbish but luckily, after the week, I was ready to open.

Thankfully, people seemed to like the site! Now, I get regular visitors and a great amount of comments. I hope that, in the future, the site will grow better and better and that people will visit my site everyday.

Well, there's some babble about me. Enjoy the site!
How The-OncomingStorm has improved:
At the beginning of its run, TOCS managed about 40 visitors a day and 100 hits a day. Now, we receive nearly 200 visitors a day (not bad for a small site!) and I hope in the future it will really improve! Also, the layout's gone from ugly to quite organised and tidy. I just hope you enjoy your visit here.
Thanks for reading and enjoy the site!


Ayrton Knowles 19 January 2009 at 09:39  

I Sure wish i had i site like you, I'm unpopular are the internet.
Ayrton xx