>> Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Special No 1: The Next Doctor

Written By: Russell T Davies

Synopsis: The Doctor takes a trip to Victorian London on Christmas Eve and discovers a man who claims to be called the Doctor and has a TARDIS, a sonic screwdriver and even a companion! As if that wasn't enough, the Cybermen are back! What will the Doctors do?

Starring: The Doctor - DAVID TENNANT The Other Doctor - DAVID MORRISSEY Miss Hartigan - DERVLA KIRWAN Rosita - VELILE TSHABALALA Cybershade - Ruari Mears Cyberleader - PAUL KASEY Mr Scoones - EDMUND KENTE Mr Cole - MICHAEL BERTENSHAW Vicar - JASON MORELL Jed - NEIL MCDERMOTT Lad - ASHLEY HORNE Frederick - TOM LANGFORD

First Broadcast: 25th December 2008, BBC One

Total Ratings: 13.1 million

Quotes: Coming soon!

Special No 2: Planet of the Dead
Written By: Russell T Davies and Gareth Roberts

Synopsis: Russell T Davies and Gareth Roberts

Synopsis: The Doctor gets onboard an ordinary double decker bus, which suddenly transports to a deserted planet. But with a jewel thief onboard and a swarm of devouring creatures approaching, will he escape alive?

Starring: The Doctor - DAVID TENNANT Lady Christina de Souza - MICHELLE RYAN Malcolm Taylor - LEE EVANS Capt. Magambo - NOMA DUMEZWENI D.I McMillan - ADAM JAMES Sergeant Dennison - GLEEN DOHERTY Angela - VICTORIA ALCOCK Nathan - DAVID AMES Carmen - ELLEN THOMAS Lou - REGINALD TSIBOE Barclay - DANIEL KALUUYA Bus Driver - KEITH PARRY Sergeant - JAMES LAYTON Tritovore - PAUL KASEY/RUARI MEARS

First Broadcast: 11th April, 2009, BBC One

Total Ratings: TBA

Quotes: Coming soon!


Win Dr Who Books!

>> Wednesday, 8 April 2009

As a Whovian, I have plenty of Dr Who books lying around in my room, but they're cluttering up my space a little, so I'm offering you the chance to in some of the books every 2 months!

This month, April, you can win 'The Stone Rose' or 'The Last Dodo.' To have a chance, answer this question:

What is the name of the man who thought he was the Doctor in the Christmas Special 'The Next Doctor?'

Send your answer to becky-theoncomingstorm@msn.com by June 1st. Good luck!