>> Monday, 25 May 2009

Feeling bored? Here are some random little quizzes to test your Who Knowledge:

The Doctor

1) Which sweet did the Doctor played by Tom Baker used to be fond of?

2) Complete the quote: "No ____ _____. I'm that sort of a man."

3) Name 10 of his companions.

4) What was the name of the Doctor's granddaughter?

5) Which colour hair would the Doctor like to have?

1) Jelly babies
2) second chances
3) I'm not gonna list them
4) Susan
5) Ginger


1) In how many episodes, to date, has Rose starred as the companion?

2) Who is Martha's fiance?

3) Complete Donna's quote: "Don't get clever in _____"

4) How many companions returned in Journey's End?

5) Why can't Donna ever remember the Doctor?

1) 30
2) Thomas Milligan
3) Latin (Fires of Pompeii)
4) 7
5) She would burn up.


1) How did Davros recreate the Daleks during The Stolen Earth?

2) In how many episodes have the Cybermen appeared in the new series?

3) Unscramble: THAHETH (2 words)

4) How can a Sontaran be stopped?

5) Why does the Doctor detest the Daleks so much?

1) He used his own cells
2) 5
3) The Hath
4) Hitting them on the back of the neck
5) They killed a lot of his family during the Time War

Well I never said it was gonna be hard, but I hope it killed some time!