Series Three

>> Friday, 26 June 2009

The Runaway Bride
Written By: Russell T Davies
Synopsis: When Donna Noble mysteriously appears in the TARDIS when it is in mid-flight the Doctor is determined to find out how and why.However, he ends up coming across an ancient enemy who needs Donna as part of her plan.. Can the Doctor stop her before it's too late?
Starring: THE DOCTOR - David Tennant DONNA NOBLE - Catherine Tate THE EMPRESS OF RACNOSS - Sarah Parish LANCE BENNETT - Don Gilet GEOFF NOBLE - Howard Attfield SYLVIA NOBLE - Jacqueline King VICAR - Trevor Georges RHODRI - Rhodri Meiler NERYS - Krystal Archer TAXI DRIVER - Glen Wilson LITTLE GIRL - Zafirah Boateng ROBOT SANTAS - George Cottle, Paul Kasey
First Broadcast: 25th December 2006, BBC One
Total Ratings: 9.3 million
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Smith and Jones
Written By: Russell T Davies
Synopsis: The Doctor investigates a local hospital and he meets Martha Jones, a trainee doctor with plenty of brains. The hospital then gets transported to the moon and space police called the Judoon search the place for an alien threat.. but exactly who is that threat?
Starring: THE DOCTOR - David Tennant MARTHA JONES - Freema Agyeman FLORENCE FINNEGAN - Anne Reid MR B STOKER - Roy Marsdenm JULIA SWALES - Vineeta Rishi CLIVE JONES - Trevor Laird LEO JONES - Reggie Yates FRANCINE JONES - Adjoa Andoh TISH JONES - Gugu Mbatha-Raw OLIVER MORGENSTERN - Ben Righton JUDOON LEADER - Paul Kasey VOICE OF JUDOON - Nicholas Briggs
First Broadcast: 31st March 2007, BBC One
Total Ratings: 8.7 million
“Not bad you know, still a bit, bleurgh…” The Doctor
“We’re on the moon! We’re on the bloody moon!” Martha Jones
“Look, I’ve even brought a straw!” The Plasmavore
“What else have you got? Laser spanner?” Martha Jones
“Judoon platoon upon the Moon.” The Doctor
“Bare foot on the moon.” The Doctor
“I dunno, humans! We're stuck on the moon, running out of air, with Judoon and a bloodsucking criminal, and you're asking personal questions?” The Doctor
“She’s as clever as me… almost…” The Doctor
“That was nothing…?” Martha Jones
“You’re joshin’ me?!” The Doctor
“This is gonna hurt, but if it’s any consolation, the dead don’t tend to remember.” ThePlasmavore
“Your spaceship’s made of wood…” Martha Jones
“It’s bigger on the inside!” Martha Jones
“Rose, her name was, Rose, and we were together.” The Doctor
“For the record, I’m not remotely interested. I only go for humans…” Martha Jones
“Welcome onboard Miss Jones!” The Doctor
“It’s my pleasure Mr Smith!” Martha Jones
The Shakespeare Code
Written By: Gareth Roberts
Synopsis: The Doctor takes Martha to Elizabethan England for her first trip in the TARDIS. There, they encounter William Shakespeare, Carrionites and 3 ugly witches. As expected, the witches were plotting away, using Shakespeare's mind to help them. Can our heroes stop them?
Starring: THE DOCTOR - David Tennant MARTHA JONES - Freema Agyeman WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE - Dean Lennox Kelly LILITH - Christina Cole DICK - Jalaal Hartley WIGGINS - Sam Marks BLOODTIDE - Linda Clarke DOOMFINGER - Amanda Lawrence KEMPE - David Westhead DOLLY BAILEY - Andree Bernard JAILER - Stephen Marcus PETER STREETE - Matt King PREACHER - Robert Demeger ELIZABETH - Angela Pleasance
First Broadcast: 7th April 2007, BBC One
Total Ratings: 7.23 million
“Just walk about like you own the place, works for me.” The Doctor
“Shut your big fat mouths!” William Shakespeare
“Hey nonny nonny!” William Shakespeare
“It’s all a bit Harry Potter…” Martha Jones
“Rose would know…” The Doctor
“But your heart grows cold, the North wind blows, it carries down the distant… Rose...” Lillith
“That name keeps me fighting!” The Doctor
“Badaboomba!” The Doctor
“Good old J K!” The Doctor
“I don’t know how to tell you this, oh great genius, but your breath doesn’t half stink!” Martha Jones
“Doctor…my sworn enemy… off with his head!” Queen Elizabeth I
Written By: Russell T Davies
Synopsis: The Doctor takes Martha far into the future to New Earth to hopefully see some wonderful sights like he did with Rose. However, everything has changed... Pharmacists are selling dangerous mood drugs and thousands of people are trapped on the motorway below, with no chance of escape. When Martha is kidnapped by one of these motorists the Doctor has to save her before it's too late On top of all this, Boe is waiting with a massive secret...
Starring: THE DOCTOR - David Tennant MARTHA JONES - Freema Agyeman THOMAS KINCADE BRANNIGAN - Ardal O'Hanlon VALARIE - Jennifer Hennessey THE FACE OF BOE - Struan Rodger NOVICE HAME - Anna Hope MILO - Travis Oliver CHEEN - Lenora Crichlow ALICE - Bridget Turner MAY - Georgine Anderson WHITEY - Simon Pearsall JAVIT - Daisy Lewis BUSINESSMAN - Nicholas Bolton SALLY CALYPSO - Erika Macleod MA - Judy Norman PA - Graham Padden PALE WOMAN - Lucy Davenport PHARMACIST #1 - Tom Edden PHARMACIST #2 - Natasha Williams PHARMACIST #3 - Gayle Telfer Stevens
First Broadcast: 14th April 2007, BBC One
Total Ratings: 8.41 million
“Ever heard the word rebound?” Martha Jones
“She’s alone, she’s lost, she doesn’t belong on this planet and it’s all my fault.” The Doctor
“Sometimes I think he likes me, but sometimes I just think he needs someone with him…” Martha Jones
“I didn’t really think, I just followed the Doctor and… they don’t even know where I am, my Mum and Dad… if I died here they’d never know.” Martha Jones
“But that means that the only hope right now is… a complete stranger.” Cheen
“You’ve got your faith, you’ve got your songs and your hymns, and I’ve got the Doctor.” Martha Jones
“Don’t you go dying on me you big old face, you’ve gotta see this!” The Doctor
“Everything has it’s time, you know that old friend, better than most.” The Face of Boe
“I am the last of my kind as you are the last of yours, Doctor” The Face of Boe
“You are not alone…” The Face of Boe
“You don’t talk! You never say! Why not?” Martha Jones
“I’m not just a Time Lord; I’m the last of the Time Lords.” The Doctor
“There was a war, a Time war. The last great Time War. My people fought a race called the Daleks for the sake of all creation and they lost. We lost. Everyone lost. They’re all gone now… my family, my friends, even that sky… Oh, you should have seen it that old planet. The second sun would rise in the South and the mountains would shine. The leaves on the trees were silver, when they caught the light every morning they looked like a forest on fire. When the autumn came, a breeze would blow through the branches like a song…” The Doctor
Daleks in Manhattan/Evolution of the Daleks
Written By: Helen Raynor
Synopsis: Daleks, showgirls, pig slaves and lightning. That's what you would see in these amazing episodes! Yes, the Daleks are back and they are worse than ever! They have created a Hybrid out of Dalek Sec and want to evolve their race more than ever! Will they succeed?
Starring: THE DOCTOR - David Tennant MARTHA JONES - Freema Agyeman SOLOMON - Hugh Quarshie TALLULAH - Miranda Raison LASZLO - Ryan Carnes FRANK Andrew - Garfield MR DIAGORAS - Eric Loren MYRNA - Flik Schwinn MAN #1 - Earl Perkins MAN #2 - Peter Brooke FOREMAN - Ian Porter LOIS - Alexis Caley WORKER #1 - Joe Montana WORKER #2 - Stewart Alexander DOCK WORKER - Mel Taylor HERO PIG - Paul Kasey DALEK OPERATORS - Barnaby Edwards, Nicolas Pegg, Anthony Spargo, David Hankinson, Dave Ross VOICE OF DALEKS - Nicholas Briggs
First Broadcast: 21st and 28th April 2007, BBC One
Total Ratings: 6.69/6.97 million

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The Lazarus Experiment
Written By: Stephen Greenhorn
Synopsis: Professor Lazarus creates a machine which can make you look younger, and surprisingly it does work. However, it has some disastrous side-effects! Lazarus turns into a hideous creature which begins killing... can the Doctor and Martha stop him before it kills everyone?
Starring: THE DOCTOR - David Tennant MARTHA JONES - Freema Agyeman LAZARUS - Mark Gatiss LADY THAW - Thelma Barlow LEO JONES - Reggie Yates FRANCINE JONES - Adjoa Andoh TISH JONES - Gugu Mbatha-Raw PARTY GUEST - Lucy O'Donnell MYSTERIOUS MAN - Bertie Carvell
First Broadcast: 5th May 2007, BBC One
Total Ratings: 7.19 million
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Written By: Chris Chibnall
Synopsis: The Doctor and Martha are travelling in the TARDIS when they receive a signal from a ship which is hurtling towards the Sun. They have 42 minutes to try and stop it, but everything seems to be going wrong..Crew members are mysteriously dying and a strange force is infecting the crew and the Doctor... Can Martha and Captain McDonnell stop it and save everyone onboard?
Starring: THE DOCTOR - David Tennant MARTHA JONES - Freema Agyeman KATH McDONNELL - Michelle Collins RILEY VASHTEE - William Ash ORIN SCANNELL - Anthony Flanagan HAL KORWIN - Matthew Chambers DEV ASHTON - Gary Powell ABI LERNER - Vinette Robinson ERINA LESSAK - Rebecca Oldfield SINISTER WOMAN - Elize du Toit VOICE OF COUNTDOWN - Joshua Hill FRANCINE JONES - Adjoa Andoh
First Broadcast: 19th April 2007, BBC One (Delayed due to Eurovision)
Total Ratings: 7.41 million
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Human Nature/The Family of Blood

Written By: Paul Cornell

Synopsis: When the Doctor and Martha are followed by the Family the Doctor has no choice but to temporarily change into a human. He does so, and they end up in 1913. Martha has to make sure John Smith stays away from the Family, but when he falls in love with nurse Joan Redfern, Martha finds it extremely difficult.. On top of this, a young boy opens the fob watch which the Doctor's Time Lord self is hidden in and this attracts the Family... what will Martha do?

Starring: THE DOCTOR - David Tennant MARTHA JONES - Freema Agyeman NURSE JOAN REDFERN - Jessica StevensonJEREMY BAINES - Harry Lloyd TIM LATIMER - Thomas Sangster HUTCHINSON - Tom Palmer ROCASTLE - Pip Torrens JENNY - Rebekah Staten MR. CLARK - Gerard Horan LUCY CARTWRIGHT - Lauren Wilson PHILLIPS - Matthew White DOORMAN - Derek Smith MR CHAMBERS - Peter Bourke

First Broadcast: 26th May/2nd June 2007, BBC One

Total Ratings: 7.74/7.21 million

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Written By: Steven Moffat
Synopsis: In an old house many Weeping Angels wait.. Sally Sparrow investigates the abandoned house and when her friend Kathy disappears mysterious clues from years ago start appearing. When a man called the Doctor leaves messages on some tapes Sally realises what she has to do, but can she achieve it?
Starring: THE DOCTOR - David Tennant MARTHA JONES - Freema Agyeman SALLY SPARROW - Carey Mulligan KATHY NIGHINGALE - Lucy Gaskell BILLY SHIPTON - Michael Obiora LARRY NIGHTINGALE - Finlay Robertson BANTO - Ian Boldsworth MALCOLM WAINWRIGHT - Richard Cant BEN WAINWRIGHT -Thomas Nelstrop OLD BILLY - Louis Mahoney DESK SERGEANT - Ray Sawyer WEEPING ANGEL - Aga Blonksa
First Broadcast: 9th June 2007, BBC One
Total Ratings: 6.62 million
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Utopia/The Sound of Drums/Last of the TimeLords
Written By: Russell T Davies
Synopsis: The Doctor, Martha and Jack must stop the Master before it's too late.. But it isn't as easy as it seems.. the Master is Prime Minister of Britain and has control over everyone.... Onboard the Valiant things take a turn for the worse and it's down to Martha alone to save the world. Can she do it?
Starring: THE DOCTOR - David Tennant MARTHA JONES - Freema Agyeman CAPTAIN JACK HARKNESS - John Barrowman THE MASTER - John Simm TOM MULLIGAN - Tom Ellis MISS DEXTER - Elize Du Toit LUCY SAXON - Alexandra Moen TOM MILLIGAN - Tom Ellis PROFESSOR DOCHERTY - Ellie Haddington WOMAN - Natasha Alexander LAD - Tom Golding FRANCINE JONES - Adjoa Andoh CLIVE JONES -Olivia Hill TISH JONES - Gugu Mbatha-Raw LEO JONES - Reggie Yates PROFESSOR YANA - Derek Jacobi PADRA - Rene Zegger CHANTHO - Chipo Chung LT. ATILLO - Neil Readman CHEIFTAIN - Paul Marc Davies CREET - John Bell KISTANE - Deborah Maclaren ALBERT DUMFRIES - Nicholas Gecks VIVIEN ROOK - Nicola McAuliffe US PRESIDENT - Colin Stinton
First Broadcast: 16th/23rd/30th June 2007, BBC One
Total Ratings: 7.84/7.51/8.61 million
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