Series Two

>> Friday, 26 June 2009

The Christmas Invasion
Written By: Russell T Davies
Synopsis: With the Doctor seriously ill after regeneration and an alien race called the Sycorax invading the world on Christmas Eve, Rose has never felt so alone.. But can she pluck up the strength to save everyone, without the Doctor?
Starring: THE DOCTOR - David Tennant ROSE TYLER - Billie Piper HARRIET JONES- Penelope Wilton ALEX KLEIN - Adam Garcia DANNY LLWELLYN - Daniel Evans SALLY - Anita Briem MAJOR BLAKE - Chu Omambala SYCORAX LEADER - Sean Glider MICKEY - Noel Clarke JACKIE TYLER - Camille Coduri
First Broadcast: 25th December 2005, BBC One
Total Ratings: 9.8 million
"Anything else he's got two of?"
Jackie Tyler
"I'm gonna get killed by a Christmas tree!"
Jackie Tyler
"Did you miss me?"
The Doctor
"Rude and not ginger!"
The Doctor
"This new hand, it's a fighting hand!"
The Doctor
"No second chance, I'm that sort of a man."
The Doctor
"Don't you think she looks tired?"
The Doctor
"I think you're mad, the pair of you. It's like you go looking for trouble."
Jackie Tyler
"And it is gonna be... fantastic!"
The Doctor

New Earth
Written By: Russell T Davies
Synopsis: The newly regenerated Doctor takes Rose to New Earth to see some amazing sights, and they do.. wonderfully blue skies, beautiful apple grass, the breathtaking city... But things take a turn for the worse when they visit the local hospital.. Cat nuns, Cassandra, the Face of Boe, 1000s of sick patients.. Will the Doctor be able to sort out everyone?
Starring: THE DOCTOR - David Tennant ROSE TYLER - Billie Piper CASSANDRA - Zoƫ Wanamaker DUKE OF MANHATTAN - Michael Fitzgerald FRAU CLOVIS - Lucy Robinson MATRON CASP - Dona Croll SISTER JATT - Adjoa Andoh NOVICE HARNE - Anna Hope CHIP - Sean Gallagher MICKEY - Noel Clarke JACKIE TYLER - Camille Coundri FACE OF BOE - Struan Rodger PATIENT - Simon Ludders
First Broadcast: 15th April 2006, BBC One
Total Ratings: 8.6 million
"Can I just say, travelling with you... I love it." Rose Tyler.
"What do you think I'm gonna do? Flap you to death?" Cassandra
"Oh my God! I'm a chav!" Rose/Cassandra
"I'm the Doctor! And if you don't like it - if you want to take it to a higher authority, there isn't one. It stops with me!" The Doctor
"Two hearts! I'm beating out a samba!" The Doctor/Cassandra
"You're completely mad! I can see why she likes you." Rose/Cassandra
Tooth and Claw
Written By: Russell T Davies
Synopsis: When the Doctor takes Rose to Scotland and they meet Queen Victoria she takes them to Torchwood house for the night. However, things take a turn for the worse, and it turns out mysterious monks want the throne! They attack with a deadly, legendary beast.. a werewolf... But can they survive?
Starring: THE DOCTOR - David Tennant ROSE TYLER - Billie Piper FATHER ANGELO - Ian Hanmore CAPTAIN REYNOLDS - Jamie Sives STEWARD - Ron Donachie THE HOST - Tom Smith LADY ISOBEL -Michelle Duncan FLORA - Ruth Milne SIR ROBERT - Derek Riddell
First Broadcast: 22nd April 2006, BBC One
Total Ratings: 9.2 million
"I like my thumb! I need my thumb, I'm very attached to my thumb..." The Doctor
"Och aye! I've been oot and aboot!" Rose Tyler
"Pardon me your majesty, you're gonna have to leg it out the window." The Doctor
"Sir Doctor of TARDIS." Queen Victoria
"Dame Rose Tyler of the Powell Estate." Queen Victoria
"I am not amused!" Queen Victoria
School Reunion
Written By: Toby Whitehouse
Synopsis: Mickey calls the Doctor and Rose to a local school where something strange is going on. Little do the TARDIS crew know that an old companion of the Doctor's is already investigating and that they are about to be reunited...
Total Ratings: 8.3 million
First Broadcast: 29th April 2006, BBC One
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The Girl in the Fireplace
Written By: Steven Moffat
Synopsis: The Doctor, Rose and Mickey land on a mysterious spaceship which appears to have hundreds of time windows going to a woman called Reinette's life. The Doctor soon befriends Reinette, but who is behind the spaceship, and what do they want with the completely innocent Madame De Pompadour?
Starring: THE DOCTOR - David Tennant ROSE TYLER - Billie Piper MICKEY SMITH - Noel Clarke MADAME DE POMPADOUR - Sophia Myles KING LOUIS XIV - Ben Turner REINETTE - Jessica Atkins KATHERINE - Angel Coulby MANSERVANT - Gareth Wyn Griffiths CLOCKWORK MAN - Paul Kasey CLOCKWORK WOMAN - Ellen Thomas VOICE OF CLOCKWORK MAN - Daryl Adcock VOICE OF CLOCKWORK WOMAN - Emily
First Broadcast: 6th May 2006, BBC One
Total Ratings: 7.9 million
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Rise of the Cybermen/The Age of Steel
Written By: Tom MacRae
Synopsis: When the Doctor, Rose and Mickey become trapped on a parallel world things take a dramatic turn when Rose discovers her father, Pete, is still alive.Things turn worse, and the Cybermen are back! With a new creator, John Lumic, they are worse than ever, but can they be stopped?
Starring: THE DOCTOR - David Tennant ROSE TYLER - Billie Piper MICKEY SMITH - Noel Clarke JACKIE TYLER - Camille Coduri JOHN LUMIC - Roger Lloyd-Pack CYBER-LEADER - Paul Kasey JAKE SIMMONDS - Andrew Hayden-Smith CYBER-VOICES - Nicholas Briggs CYBER-LEADER - Paul Kasey THE PRESIDENT OF UNITED KINGDOM - Don Warrington RITA-ANNE - Mona Hammond MRS MOORE - Helen Griffin MR CRANE - Colin Spaull DR KENDRICK -Paul Anthony-Barber MORRIS - Adam Shaw SOLDIER - Andrew Ufondo NEWSREADER - Duncan Duff
First Broadcast: 13th/20th April 2006, BBC One
Total Ratings: 9.2 million and 7.6 million
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The Idiot's Lantern

Written By: Mark Gatiss

Synopsis: The Doctor and Rose travel to 1953, the year of Queen Elizabeth II's coronation. Everyone is gearing up for the big day by purchasing strangely cheap TVs from the Magpies store. However, behind closed doors strange things are happening in the shop... and a mysterious creature called the Wire is using Magpie to control everyone...

Starring: THE DOCTOR - David Tennant ROSE TYLER - Billie Piper RITA CONNOLLY - Debra Gillett TOMMY CONNOLLY - Rory Jennings MRS GALLAGHER - Marie Lewis DET. INSP. BISHOP - Sam Cox AUNTY BETTY - Jean Challis EDDIE CONNOLLY - Jamie Foreman MAGPIE - Ron Cook GRANDMA CONNOLLY - Margaret John THE WIRE - Maureen Lipman CRABTREE - Ieuan Rhys SECURITY GUARD - Christopher Driscoll

First Broadcast: 27th April 2006, BBC One

Total Ratings: 6.7 million

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The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit
Written By: Matt Jones
Synopsis: When the Doctor and Rose land on a planet in orbit around a black hole things seem... impossible.. And when crew members begin dying, the Ood begin behaving strangely and strange messages are being transmitted on board things take a turn for the worse.. The Doctor and Ida travel miles and miles down to see what exactly is keeping them in orbit...
Starring: THE DOCTOR - David TennantROSE TYLER - Billie Piper TOBY ZED - Will Thorp MR JEFFERSON - Danny Webb VOICE OF THE BAEST Gabriel Woolf ZACHERY CROSS - FLANE - Shaun Parkes DANNY BARTOCK - Ronny Jhutti SCOOTI MANISTA - MyAnna Buring IDA SCOTT - Claire Rushbrook THE OOD - Paul Kasey VOICE OF THE OOD - Silas Carson
First Broadcast: 3rd and 10th June 2006, BBC One
Total Ratings: 6.3/6.0 million
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Love and Monsters

Written By: Russell T Davies

Synopsis: A man called Elton becomes obsessed with the Doctor and forms a group called LINDA, where other fans of the TimeLord meet up and try and track down the Doctor. However, the leader of the group, Victor Kennedy, is hiding something...

Starring: THE DOCTOR - David Tennant ROSE TYLER - Billie Piper VICTOR KENNEDY/ABZORBALOFF - Peter Kay ELTON POPE - Marc Warren JACKIE TYLER - Camille Coduri URSULA BLAKE - Shirley Henderson MR SKINNER - Simon Greenall BRIDGET - Moya Brady BLISS - Kathryn Drysdale

First Broadcast: 17th June 2006, BBC One

Total Ratings: 6.6 million

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Fear Her

Written By: Matthew Graham

Synopsis: The Doctor takes Rose to 2012 where everyone is preparing from the London Olympic Games. However, many people are going missing on the same street.. and Chloe Webber is looking suspicious... Will the Doctor and Rose be able to find out what is going on, before it's too late?

Starring: THE DOCTOR - David Tennant ROSE TYLER - Billie Piper MAEVE - Edna Dore TOM'S DAD - Tim Faraday NEIGHBOUR - Erica Eirian POLICEMAN - Stephen Marzella DRIVER - Richard Nicols TRISH - Nina Sosanya KEL - Abdul Salis CHLOE - Abisola Agbaje COMMENTATOR - Huw Edwards

First Broadcast: 24th June 2006, BBC One

Total Ratings: 7.1 million

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Army of Ghosts/Doomsday

Written By: Russell T Davies

Synopsis: In this heartbreaking finale, the Daleks and Cybermen do battle against eachother and everyone on Earth.. the Doctor finds a way to stop them, but it could mean the death of Rose Tyler...

Starring: THE DOCTOR - David Tennant ROSE TYLER - Billie Piper MICKEY SMITH - Noel Clarke JACKIE TYLER - Camille Coduri YVONNE HARTMAN - Tracey Ann-Oberman DR RAJESH SINGH - Raji James GARETH - Hadley Fraser ADEOLA - Freema Agyemann PEGGY MITCHELL - Barbara Windsor MATT - Oliver Mellor EILEEN - Rachel Webster POLICE COMMISSIONER - David Warwick CYBERMEN VOICES - Nicholas Briggs DALEK VOICES - Nicholas Briggs INDIAN NEWSREADER - Hajaz Akram HOUSEWIFE - Maddi Cryer FRENCH NEWSREADER - Anthony Debaeck WEATHERMAN - Paul Fields JAPANESE GIRL - Kyoko Morita JAPANESE NEWSREADER - Takako Akashi CYBER LEADER - Paul Kasey DALEK OPERATORS - Barnaby Edwards, Nicholas Pegg, Stuart Crossman, Anthony Spargo, Dan Barratt, David Hankinson

First Broadcast: 1st and 8th July 2006, BBC One

Total Ratings: 8.2 million

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